the horrors of going through the procedures ,the nightmares of going to the office waiting for them to judge you wether you are eligible or not . just imagine someone else judging you!

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Reaching out

It’s so strange when you receive a post or e-mail from a friend from school, whom you were very close to, could’nt think of a day without her can fade away in course of time. It’s like a shock, you sit down and think about what happened ?where did the time fly away?why did’nt  you keep in touch ?  why did you choose to disconnect yourself ?well thanks to face book we have found each other.not exactly found but personally struggling to find a common ground to begin.The fear of putting yourself up ,of proving yourself, of not feeling happy about sharing your life events with someone, someone whom you were so close to , some one who accepted you the way you were,some one who did’nt care whether you failed or passed .

How much has this person changed with time ? It’s been two decades ,yet that person is eager to meet. What do I have to show for my self ? what have I achieved ? besides raising three wonderful children,being there for your husband , making sure you do’nt make him angry or cross him in opinion.

At the end of the day what did I do with my life ? why do my insecurities hinder my meeting with a friend ? Am I scared to disappoint that person ? cause it’s a big set  back when that person does’nt want to see you again.How do I find myself? thats it I have lost myself trying to be a great wife , mom , daughter -in -law.

Did I make an effort to make some thing of my life ? No there was never any time .So I should make an effort to meet this friend who is waking me up from my slumber, may be thats what I need ,irrespective of what follows.There that already made me feel better!

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families how we love them and hate them

The unknown emotion that ties us together the unconditional love that we feel ,how can one explain it

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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